Registered Charity Number: 1161741 

Dedicated to the welfare of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka



One Child Foundation helps to feed 11,500 children in 94 schools every school day.


One Child Foundation educates 182 children in 14 different schools and two universities.


Our Foundation

One Child Foundation was formed seven years ago by  a small group of friends and family members coming together to help orphaned and destitute children. Our initial aim was to provide funds from our own earnings and sponsor a handful of children. Over the next two years, more and more friends and  family members joined us and the number of children we sponsored also grew accordingly. Today, the  charity born as a small private sponsorship programme has grown to benefit numerous children. Thanks to the corporate sponsors, private donations, sponsorship offers from individuals and with our Trustees' determination, the number of children  we  help and support keeps on growing.




RDK International LLC is a Dubai based supplier of Light Fittings.  

DHL Passenger Gateway is a subsidiary of DHL International.

DSI Foods Ltd is a specialist airline caterer whose clients include some of the most famous airlines in the world.

Canapeum is a division of DSI Foods Ltd which specialises in providing catering to corporate events.

Victoria Care Centre is a nursing home that provides nursing care to elderly and vulnerable people.

Staffing Match is one of the most successful and progressive recruitment and employment agencies in the UK.

Ingram Winter Green LLP is a reputable firm of solicitors in the City of London.

DataForce UK is an IT support specialist based in north London.

Sri Lankan Airlines is the National Airline of Sri Lanka, covering over 1,000 destinations around the world.