Feeding Children every school day

OCF helps to provide midday meals to 11,500 children in 94 schools every school day, working closely with UN's World Food Programme. We provide one nutritional midday meal which is cooked and served in the school premises.

The headmasters have reported improvement in school attendance following the introduction of the midday meals programme. In addition, OCF funded cultivation of a vegetable farm in 2014 that currently provides vegetables to the children in an orphanage. We also financed the acquisition and upkeep of six cows which provide fresh milk to the children in the same orphanage


Midday Meals

We help to give midday meals to 11,500 children upto 11 years of age, in 94 schools every school day. We provide this charitable act with the UN Food Programme.

Farm-Grown Vegetables

In 2014, we provided funds to an orphanage in Eastern Sri Lanka to set up their own vegetable farm. Within a year, the farm produced enough vegetables to feed the 40 children in their care. OCF since then does not have to provide any funding as the cash generated by the orphanage is able to pay for the next year's cycle.

Providing Fresh Milk

In 2016, some of our friends who are supporters of OCF visited the Miani Nagar Orphanage. They were very impressed with the way the children are being looked after and wanted to provide quality milk to them.

They funded the purchase of six cows of different ages. The cows are now providing enough milk to the forty children at the orphanage.