November 18, 2016

Letter from a beneficiary

Dear Sir, 
I Mas Ramesh Dilakshan write this letter to you with gratitude. Sir, first of all, I pray God for your good health and wealth. You have been my sponsor since 2010 and I owe to this generosity for ever and I am pleased to say that I was awarded as the "Best Scorer-Player" in our College Prize Day. Besides, I played in all the Soccer Tounaments including National and Kotmale Chox Tounaments. Now I am Advanced Level following Commerce stream.
You are my inspiration and I too would like to help children like me when I am settled in my life. Thank you very much for your kindness Sir. I wish you and everyone a  very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
Yours sincere son,
R Dilakshan
St Patrick's College, Jaffna.

June 30, 2017

Letter from a beneficiary

Dear members of One Child Foundation,

I'm glad to write this letter to you. I am fine. I hope that you are also well. At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your big help. It's really helpful for my future and I would like to send you my First Term marks as follows:

Maths 66                 English 82

Science 65              Eng. Lit. 82

Tamil     78              Religion 81

ICT        65             Citizenship 70

History    70           Average 73.22

I am studying hard to become a Doctor and serve our community.

Your loving child,

Mehala Saravanabavan

Holy Family Convent, Ilavalai

November 30, 2016

Letter from a beneficiary

Dear Sir, 
I am Thangarasa Pratheepan. My own village is Moongilaru. You helped me for six years in my studies. I thank your committee. You helped me to pass GCE (OL) and I am studying A/L. I daily pray for your family and for committee members. I wish your family and everyone - "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
Yours faithfully,
T Pradeepan
St Patrick's College, Jaffna.